James Snoddy  |  Foreign Service Officer at U.S. Department of State
"Erica and I met by chance via Facebook when I was looking for someone to spice up my company's Twitter feed (@Jammock). Erica presented herself and her services very professionally and was very easy to work with.

I'll let Erica's results speak for themselves: for less than the average American's monthly car payment and in only a few months, Erica has increased Jammock's Twitter followers by over 1,000%. Erica is independent and task-oriented. I follow the commander's intent philosophy of mission accomplishment: give the mission and let her carry it out. Don't micro-manage. This only works with intelligent, mission-focused folks–which Erica is to a T."

Patrick McMullan  |  Owner, PMc PatrickMcMullan.com
"Erica is a very vivacious, charming and a hard worker. You should take a meeting and see what she can do!"

Alyson (Campbell) Roy  |  Co-Founder & Partner Publicist of AMP3 Public Relations
"Erica is an amazingly passionate worker who puts her career first. She is incredibly loyal and hard-working, and willing to work around-the-clock to get the job done right. She brings enthusiasm and creative ideas/connections to the table and treats her career like a lifestyle she undoubtedly is happy to be a part of."

Jessie Rosen  |  Writer
"Erica is a driven professional who possesses a strong sense of what promotions and positioning will best benefit her clients. She is particularly skilled in networking with a variety of clients in lateral fields in an effort to find opportunities where they may meet. Erica is the first to arrive, last to leave, and most welcoming face at the event, greeting everyone from the main client to an unknown guest."